Prohibited Conduct
1. Any behavior which interferes with abother player's enjoyment of the game; including, but not limited to: a. Loud or obnoxious criticism of partner, Director, or opponents. b. Baiting, badgering of partner, director, or opponent which includes name calling, repeated questioning of action or inaction of opponents or director. c. Insinuations of wrong doing without calling the Director. 2. Engaging in intimidating tactics; including, but not limited to: a. Ridiculing partner, opponents, or Director. b. Fast carding as a tactic to gain advantage. c. Slapping or snapping cards. 3. Unethical behavior; including, but not limited to: a. The public accusation of another player of knowingly engaging in unethical conduct or cheating. b. Gesutres, facial expressions or mannerisms intended to inform partner that another line of play would be better. 4. Any other conduct or behavior in violation of ACBL rules, or action, speech, or gesture which in the judgement of the Director or Board warrants disciplinary action. Minimum Penalty for Items 1 through 4 above: verbal warning issued by the Director for first occurrence, second occurrence on the same day is a one board penalty. Further action may be taken by the Board as deemed necessary. 5. Leaving the game prior to completion of play (does not include illness, emergency or mistaken belief that the game is over). 6. Use of profanity or offensive or threatening behavior directed at anyone. Includes obscene gestures. Minimum penalty for items 5 and 6 above: Immediate removal from the game by the Director. Letter from the Board with thirty (30) days suspension. 7. Destructive or violent behavior. Minimum penalty for Item 7 above: Immediate removal from the game by the Director. Letter from the Board with six (6) month suspension. If both partnerships contribute to the problem, both partnerships are assessed the penalty.


Club Directors will complete an Incident Report for each infraction of these rules and forward to both the Board President and the Board Secretary within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident. Players who believe a violation of the Club’s Disciplinary Policy has occurred should call the director in charge at the time of the incident (“the Director”). If the Director advises the player that an incident report will not be filed by the Director and the player still believes the incident should be called to the attention of the Board of Directors, that player may file a written report. This report should be file with the Board President, the Board Secretary, and the Director within forty-eight (48) hours of the incident. The Board shall review all suspensions and may impose further discipline as in its judgement is appropriate. The Board shall take into account any prior acts of misconduct of the player(s), whether formally disciplined or not. The Board shall also consider any mitigating factor, or factors that may have caused the misconduct, in imposimg any further penalty. ADDITIONAL PENALTY WHICH MAY BE IMPOSED. Letter from the Board with notice of explusion from the Bridge Center.